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  • Statue

  • Our mahogany victorian furniture collection is hand crafted in solid mahogany wood, with natural polished finish.
    All mahogany wood used in this furniture collection is made from sustainable managed forest and has been for generations in the manufacture of furniture. Our Victorian furniture range includes; beds, bedside night stand, blanket box, chest of drawers, dressing table, coffee table, console table, dining table, hall table, mirrors, wardrobes etc.

  • Empire furniture

  • The Modern classical range has a slightly modern design with a distictive classic feel. The straight lines suit well in modern interiors but also blend into many existing classic interiors as add on.

    The quality of our handmade mahogany furniture shines through the wonderful warm brown red finish, specially made to expose the nature of the wood. But is also visible in the details.

    This range features deep dovetailed drawers, solid cabinet backs and drawer bases, crowned with brass handmade hardware.

    We call this range with Military Tange Furniture
    From a sales point of view these items are fast movers. They appeal to a broad public and most of the pieces will fit in the back of a car. This will exclude the hassle of measurement at home.

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  • Empire High Bookcase 2dr

    Empire furniture collection
    Mahogany furniture range
    Empire High Bookcase 2 Dr
    Dimension: h190 D43 L82 CM

  • Opium Table 100

    Victorian furniture collection
    Mahogany furniture range
    Opium Table long 100 CM
    Dimension: H45 D70 L100 CM

  • East indies dining table 160

    East indies furniture collection
    Exotic wood furniture range
    East indies dining table 160
    Dimension: H78 D90 L160 CM

  • Nest folding tables

    Victorian furniture collection
    Mahogany furniture range
    Nest folding tables
    Dimension: H55 D47 L60 CM

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