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  • Painted furniture & distressed furniture collection

  • Black painted cabinet

  • Fruit bowl

  • Our East Indies furniture collection has a unique design and style that makes it a beautiful and attractive option for your home.
    The craftmanship shown in our East Indies furniture collection has earned great respect and the uniqueness of the pieces provides great character to every room.
    Due to its warm and traditional nature, it is especially suited to being in every room of your home.
    Our East Indies furniture collection is made in a way which accentuates the natural beauty of the exotic wood, and produces a stunning look.

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  • Shabby chic french armoire 90

    French Vintage & Shabby chic Furniture Collection
    Hand painted and distressed furniture range
    White glazed shabby chic wardrobe / armoire 90 cm wide, high quality french painted furniture, available 120cm wide, 160cm wide.

    Dimension: H200 D60 L90 CM

  • Tv stand w DVD drw

    Military furniture collection
    Mahogany furniture range
    Modern classical furniture style
    Military Tv stand with DVD 2 drawers

  • Rustic mango lamp table

    Rustic mango lamp table 1 drawer

  • Lounge chair

    Victorian furniture collection
    Mahogany furniture range
    Mahogany lounge chair with rattan

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